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Ode to My Shoes

Ode to My Shoes

By: Tiffany Staab

Your mouth awaits

For me only.

Your tongue gestures,

Only to me

I am the only size that fits.

Not one size fits all.

You take me to places I have never been.

Without you I would be nothing,

Going no where.

Traveling somewhere

Not without you.

You carry me when I am down

Through thick or thin.

Without you I wouldn’t go anywhere.

When I step inside

you provide me comfort.

No pain no gain what a lie

For I feel no pain yet I gain you.

You were once clean

But now dirty.

But this shows where we have been.

You have left a print within the sand of time.

Leaving memories of me behind

For others to observe.

You bring great style

To me alone.

When I get dressed

You’re the finishing touch.

You are the only one for me

You only fit me.

When I die

I like to believe you were with me

And always will be.

For you have carried,




And cherished


Me alone.

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Where I Am From Poem

Where I Am From

By: Tiffany Staab

I am from a dark cozy place

From the depths of within

I am from a cord

From that cord comes food

I am from the screaming cry

From the cry of life

I am from crayons

From pink to blue

I am from a bicycle

From which the training wheels were removed

I am from the scar on my eye

From falling out of an inner tube

I am from a Surprise

But it really isn’t a surprise

I am from a Valley

Which has a monsoon

I am from a class

The one known as 2009

I am from a home made out of brick

From rose tree to dirt road

From barbecues to ATV’s

From day till night

From a family that I cherish

I am from the memories

That slowly reappear

And never go away.

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AP Reading Book 4

Tiffany Staab

Period 1

Ms. Vargo

May 9, 2009

AP Reading Book 4

Part One:

In John Steinbeck’s story, “The Moon is Down,” he notes the perspectives of both the towns’ people, whose town has been occupied by Nazi soldiers. Each point of view was crucial to the development of the story. My first impression of the towns people were that they were week in the beginning of the story, but because of the situation they were in, they came together and fought for their land and rights. I was very impressed of their overall strength to survive. On the other hand the Nazi soldiers whom took over this small town were struggling to survive themselves. The town’s people were fighting back and their spirits were dwindling. I enjoyed observing how some of the soldiers went mad and began questioning the war. I almost felt pity for them, but in the end they were truly the ones in the wrong.

The character I really connected with on an emotional level was Mayor, Orden. He was someone the town’s people looked up to. When the soldiers first occupied his town they kept him in command and as a leader figure for the town. Orden remained strong and took care of his people even when they were questioning whose side he was on. In the end he remained true to his town and himself. I never have been in a situation where I was at war with someone, but I have been in friendships with two people who couldn’t stand each other. I was once in a situation where two of my friends were complete opposites and couldn’t stand each other. I couldn’t just choose a side, so I remained friends with both of them. This friendship that I held with these two girls, could easily compare to the war situation. One of my friends represents the town’s people and the other represents the soldiers. And I like Mayor Orden was the middleman, stuck between wars that would never seem to end. In the end, like Mayor Orden, I was forced to make a decision. My friend that represents the town’s people was a really nice person and I enjoyed spending time with her, and the other friend was sometimes rude and talked behind my back, but she was always there for me and I for her. One time they were so angry at each other, the friend whom represents the soldiers told me, “You have to choose between the two of us!” When I heard her say that I knew right then that I would support the person who was there fore me and kind, I chose the towns people, just like Mayor Orden did.

Part Two:

The overall theme of the story is, one should support and fight for something he or she believes in. The town’s people fought for their lives, land, and rights against the Nazi soldiers. Sometimes teenagers fight for their rights too. I don’t know how many times I have walked into a place with older people and they automatically assume that I am a troublemaker. One time when I walked into a store to buy some food this older woman dropped her bag, out of the kindness of my heart, I offered my assistance. Her response was appalling. She stated that I would only make it worse. Following this statement I asked her why she would say that and she simply mentioned, “You’re an immature teenager who might run off with my groceries, who knows you could be a hoodlum.” Her words stung, but made me think. As teenagers, we seem to struggle to find our rightful place in the world, amongst those who refuse to give us a chance, or they believe that all teenagers are rude and obnoxious. I strongly believe that I am a nice human being, whom deserves the right to be treated fairly. So I told that older lady, “I am sorry for your assumption, but I am not like that.” I then picked up her food and put it into her cart and walked away. I stood up for what I believed in and in the end the lady apologized.

Part 3:

Sometimes I let things go when they bother me. I don’t want to deal with the agony and arguments that may follow, but after reading The Moon is Down, I realized that if I fought for what I believed in and my freedom, I could handle anything and any situation. This book has taught me that if someone truly finds something they believe in, they can fight to protect it and cherish it. The town’s people within the story loved their homeland and wanted their freedom back from the nazi soldiers. Some escaped and requested bombs and grenades be given to them by the allied forces. They used these weapons to fight back. With the spirits of the Nazi soldiers dwindling, the towns people were able to fight for their land and for what they believed in, freedom. This opened my eyes to the possibility that I too can be strong and fight for what I believe in. This book was an enjoyable read.

Part 4:

The passage I chose is the beginning of chapter seven. The opening of the passage uses descriptive imagery to emphasize its mood. “In the dark, clear night a white, half-withered moon brought little light” (87). This opening sentence foreshadows the tragic darkness that befalls the town and how the Nazi’s fighting spirits are dull and confused. This sentence starts off the overall tone and mood of the story, dark and mysterious.

In the first paragraph personification is applied to the elements to emphasize the tone and mood of the passage. “The wind was dry and singing over the snow…”(87). Through the emphasis of the wind being able to sing the reader could observe that the wind could possibly symbolize the dieing spirits of the Nazi soldiers. At this point in the story they are unsure if they should remain fighting or leave the town.

The next paragraph transitions from the elements to the sky above the town. In this paragraph there is emphasis on how the sky is clean and easy for the allies to bomb the town and the Cole mine. In addition the last paragraph mentions a dog howling because he is hungry and miserable. The dog symbolizes the hunger within the people of the town and their want to fight back, yet at the same time the dog alludes to the poor spirits of the Nazi soldiers.

This story was written before World War Two by John Steinbeck. This book was meant to give motivation to the allies and the resistance. Surprisingly this book isn’t well known in the United States, but mostly in Germany and China. Usually Steinbeck likes to emphasize the human turmoil and end his stories in a dramatic way that leaves the reader feeling depressed, but he didn’t do that in this book. The ending is ambiguous. Steinbeck alludes that the Mayor shall be killed, but in the end the Mayor has the final word, he fully supports his towns people and their resistance towards the soldiers. I liked the poetic justice. Overall, the style and content was perfect and enjoyable to read and observe. I would recommend this story to anyone who is interested in war stories and the human experiences that took place during these extraordinary times.

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Oronic Poetry

Live or Die

By Tiffany Staab

There was once a dark night

One such as this

Where no man cried

And no man lied

There was once a bright light

Shone like the sun

Dear God what have I done

I tie a string on a fan

With this be able to stand

I wrap it around my neck

The thick string

Should I hold onto my ring?

I drop my hands and let it fall

It tumbles and clanks down the hall

I watch it slowly roll down the stairs

Whoops I didn’t jump

Right then I knew it was over

All it took was one last jump

The curtains close and it is dark

Then a bright light followed

“What a great show”

I hear near by

Everyone seemed happy

Though my character shall die

All it took was that jump

And my acting career got over its hump

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Good Petry

A Poison Tree

by William Blake

I was angry with my friend;
I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe:
I told it not, my wrath did grow.

And I watered it in fears,
Night and morning with my tears:
And I sunned it with smiles,
And with soft deceitful wiles.

And it grew both day and night,
Till it bore an apple bright.
And my foe beheld it shine,
And he knew that it was mine.

And into my garden stole.
When the night had veiled the pole;
In the morning glad I see,
My foe outstretched beneath the tree.


A good poem tells a story and teaches the reader a lesson. When read it a wakens a new part of who you are. Words offer deeper meaning and phrases are eye opening. A good poem is one that draws a picture in your mind and shows you an outcome either well deserved or possibly a consequence of an action. The poem could be either short or long, happy or sad. Either way if the poem brings forth thought it is a good one.

This poem I chose by William Blake represents a good poem because it opened my eyes to a possibility that if things don’t get taken care of between your enemy and yourself things can go wrong. I also enjoyed the allusion to the forbidden fruit from the bible. This poem teaches a lesson to the reader whish makes it a good poem.

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My Object and Me

Tiffany Staab

Period 1

AP English 4

April 16, 2009

My Object and Me

An object that closely symbolizes me is a note book. A note book has a hard cover to protect the inside papers. I have a rough exterior that I like to put up so I won’t get hurt. I may have a rough exterior, but just like the nice beautiful papers on the inside a notebook, I too am a nice and beautiful person, you just have to get to know me. In a note book the pages are blank and clean, but once they are written on they tell a story. Sometimes you may mess up while writing, but you can always turn to a different page and either start over again, or you can start from where you left off. I too make mistakes, but I learn from them and I can either start anew or I can turn to a new page in my life and start on a different path.

In a note book the pages are blank waiting to be written on. Stories could be written, letters, scripts, pictures, anything you want to write or draw you can. A notebook isn’t like a book, all ready written, you have to write in it first. This symbolizes my life because I don’t have to follow a written destiny, I follow my own path and I make my own story and choices. My identity is just like a freshly bought notebook.

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I was blind, but Now I see

My name is Shantel Treuman. I am a young women in my late 20s. I feel that this story is something I need to tell the world to worn them about ignorance. I learned the hard way that ignorance truly is bliss. I thought that there would be someone out there in the world, someone who would take care of me for the rest of my life. Well I found that someone, and before it was too late I ended up taking care of him.

I first met Brett when I was in the fifth grade. Yeah, I know that’s young, but it was true love. I thought I found the man that would mean everything to me. He used to walk me to Sunrise Point this was a mountain top where the sun shines the brightest. I always wondered why they called it Sunrise Point. I have heard that they call it this because it is a lovely place where the sun shines so bright you have to close your eyes, otherwise you would be temporarily blind for about a week. That’s what everyone says, I mean, it hasn’t been proven or anything. My mamma once said that they call it Sunrise Point because that is where all the teenagers go to make out, when they are old enough of course, and they get so excited they open their eyes for a split second and they become blind. I didn’t understand it so I blew the story off. Little did I know there was a tiny bit of truth to those stories.

In high school I knew Brett and I were meant to be. See mamma died my senior year and we buried her in the South Georgian cemetery. Brett was there for me every step of the way. The only thing is that there were rumors going around that my mammas death was no accident. People thought someone killed her. I didn’t want to think about that possibility. Sometimes I do question her death though. She was found strangled close to a long tree branch on Sunrise Point. They say she must have opened her eyes so wide she was blinded by the sun and tripped and her scarf became caught in a tree branch and then she was strangled to death. It was an accident right?

Brett and I married that summer. In my mom’s will she left us over a million dollars. I had no idea that she was this rich. I couldn’t believe it. The only problem was that she only left it to me not Brett he couldn’t receive one penny, even after we married. I decided to write my will early and allow the money to go to him, just in case anything happened to me, he’s the one I trusted the money with. The funny thing is after I told him this he began to come home later and later. He even went on long business trips where he would be gone weeks at a time. I decided to disregard his interesting behavior as a busy man who wished to provide for me and my two children. Then one day my friend Christine sat me down and mentioned that Justine the new lady in town was sleeping with my husband. I couldn’t believe it. I asked if Brett has taken her to Sunrise Point yet, Christine reassured me that he hasn’t. I was extremely happy. He Hasn’t taken her to the place where the sun shines bright.

I decided to confront him on the statement and he accusingly turned on me saying that I shouldn’t poke my nose into someone else’s business. When he mentioned business I thought he was literally talking about his job, so I dropped the subject. Then it started again. Sometimes Brett wouldn’t even come home for two days straight. I decided to tail him and sure enough he was with Justine. This was the final time. I would not be used or treated like this. I thought I deserved better. He came home that night and I asked for a divorce. He was really angry and hit me a couple times I was alright though, this will all be over soon. I planned on meeting him at Sunrise Point to sign the divorce papers. I arrived a little early and I opened my eyes just wide enough to realize I did not become blind. I saw everything. My mother was killed by Brett right from the beginning he planned it all. He wanted the money. That greedy bastard. Why couldn’t I have seen the truth before. I turned around and there he was with the slut Justine. “You killed her! How could you.” Then it became dark.

When I awoke I was in a cell with another women. The sun doesn’t shine so bright here. That is alright because I can now see the ugly truth in everyone. The sun has become dimmed in my life because I do not need its light for me to see the truth. It has been said that the sun doesn’t shine as bright as it used to on Sunrise Point. I have also heard that they call it Death Point now. I am pretty sure the name is well deserved for the sun doesn’t feel the need to shine in a place of death and murder.

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Oedipus the King Epilogue

1. Jocasta has killed herself, honestly I was expecting that to happen.

2. I find it ironic how Oedipus wishes to be blind in the literal sense because he stabs his eyes out. He honestly has been blind to the truth for a long while.

3. I find it interesting how the chorus tells Oedipus that wouldn’t it be better if he died instead of making himself blind. They must have lost their faith in him.

4. Eyes seem to symbolize sin, sorrows, and evil.

5. Creon says that the gods should be asked how Oedipus should be punished. We all know they wish foe Oedipus’ death. I question his true motives.

6. Oedipus wished to be exiled to the mountains where he can not be seen or heard. I feel that this is a punishment well deserved.

7. Oedipus mentions that is unluckiness will fall to his children. His daughter might not marry, this falls back to the parents sins effecting the children’s life question. Sadly I find myself agreeing with him.

8. “The gods? They are my enemy?” (Oedipus 263). This quote is significant because in truth they were his enemies when he was first born into the world and his fate was decided.

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Oedipus the King Episode Four:

1. I wonder if the shepherd does truly remember the messenger and the baby, but doesn’t want to mention the truth.

2. Oedipus becomes accusing again in order to get the shepherd to talk. He seems to become deranged in a sense because he seems to have an obsession for the truth.

3. “…you are a doom-born man.” There is a lot of meaning in these words mentioned by the shepherd to Oedipus.

4. I sympathize for Oedipus because he seems to have just received a dose of reality that he was not quite ready to hear.

5. I wonder what Jocasta will do now that the truth is known.

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Oedipus the King Episode Three:

1. Jocasta prays to Apollo that he will calm Oedipus’ nerves and to reassure him that he did not kill Laius. I find this interesting because she seems to have no faith in the gods.

2. A messenger arrives with the news that Oedipus’ father has died of natural causes. Both he and Jocasta are thrilled, I find that interesting.

3. Oedipus still has the concern that his mother is still alive, how horrible.

4. When the messenger mentions that Oedipus’ father is not his real father, I couldn’t wait to read what was next.

5. I wonder what Oedipus will do when he figures out he has killed his real father and married his mother just like the prophecy mentioned.

6. I agree with Oedipus he should pursue the truth.

7. I sympathize for Jocasta because she has just found out that the gods were correct about everything.


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